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After the staining process, the tops are sealed with an epoxy finish to protect the surface as well as seal the concrete to eliminate contaminates.
Like the stained concrete floors, countertops can also receive the same treatment. The possibilities are endless. They can be cast in several variations ranging from very smooth to rough texture and also stained with a color to match any existing decor. 

The nosing of the countertop is available in a variety of profiles and can be customized to suit your taste. At right, the countertop accentuates the end cap shelving with a rounded corner. 


Left, the countertop follows the contours of the cabinet below and blends nicely with the tiled splash and the granite countertops adjacent to it.

Again, the possibilities are endless. Here a cooktop is given ample room and the countertop is flush with the cooking surface.

Cutting boards may also be recessed directly into the concrete tops, as above, and the colors can range from a Midnight Black to a Natural Gray and anything in between.

Sinks can be undermounted or top mounted to suit. The concrete top offers a durable surface that is everlasting and offers a unique touch to your kitchen, bath, or butler's pantry.

Below, the countertop conforms to the shape
of the undermount sink adding a distinct
characteristic to the counter.